Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WWbs Education, Issue #2 - Literally

People think it means: figuratively or metaphorically.

What it actually means: actually, completely, indisputably, precisely, really, rightly, truly, indisputably, verbatim, not figuratively, or much simpler terms - FUCKING LITERALLY.

I’m sorry, but nobody gets this one. It’s used as inappropriately as Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” (not right at all.) Do you know how many people have said to another person when they first saw The Human Centipede, "I LITERALLY died"? A fuck load. I hear this shit and I think to myself, am I Bruce Willis or is this person retarded? Unfortunately I wouldn't look that good bald. Literally, means that it actually happened. Not exaggeration. Using a word to exaggerate a concept by misusing the real definition of the word, that just isn't cool. It literally isn't.

Idiot Scale of those who use this word (1-10): 8 >> This is one of the worst word mistakes you can make. It happens far too frequently and there is literally no need for it.

Punishment deserved: For now on, when someone says, "I literally *****", make them literally do it. If they say, "I literally eat dog shit", shove shit in their mouths - that's all that's coming out of it anyway.

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